Congress’s fumbling, BJP’s determination


I find the situation in Manipur and (especially) Goa comical. Even though the BJP is not the single largest party, it is set to form the govt. in both states.

Personally, I felt the BJP lost the people’s mandate in Goa and perhaps should have refrained from forming the govt. for moral reasons. Their sitting chief minister and six cabinet ministers lost elections. With 17 members, the Congress party should have moved forward with govt. formation.

However, the fumblings of the Congress party is what making the situation comical. With six former chief ministers fighting amongst themselves, they could not agree on who should be the party’s legislative leader. While the Congress party fought, the BJP moved swiftly to get the necessary support from the other parties and independents. You could clearly see BJP’s hunger, determination, and strategic brilliance when they dispatched a leader from UP with ties to the wrestling federation to win over an independent MLA in Goa who was also, wait for it, a fellow member of the wrestling federation!

Just for these reasons, I don’t mind the BJP’s moves. While morally questionable, politically it seems to be a prudent move. The situation also demonstrates how bereft the Congress has become of good, strong leadership. They (and a section of the English media) have no business of blaming the BJP of poor sportsmanship.


Truth or Mythology ?

Over the time truth becomes fact, fact is rewritten as history, history fades to legend,and legend remains a myth

We often hear stories from our past which sound mythical. Did they become mythical because of long passage of time ? The quote, from the book “Prince of Ayodhya” — book one of the Ramayana, got me thinking. Here’s another one to chew over.

Over time even tales will fade from memory, … , they will be mere race–memories, dismissed as mythology  or fantasy by those who believe themselves to be rational and scientific. Yes, to us who live here and now, these are scientific and rational tales. For they obey scientific rules of our world without exception. All you need is proper knowledge of our science.

The Last Walk ?

Image source : EspnCricinfo (copyrights BCCI)

India won’t be playing their next test match until end of the year when they tour South Africa. India’s next test match at home won’t be until 18 months from now. Have we seen the great Sachin Tendulkar’s last test innings at home ? Perhaps even his last test innings ever ? Only time will tell. If indeed this is Sachin’s last tets innings ever, he has ended in Bradmansque way. Sir Don Bradman scored a duck in his last innings; Sachin did one better — he scored just one run !

Personalized Lottery Scam

The personalized web is truly here ! I received the following (lottery scam) email :

The “scamster” obviously did some targetted emailing. “Diwali lottery” to what I am possibly guessing indian email ids is indeed an interesting idea and attempt to trick people.

Ganpati Bappa Morya !


Ganpati Bappa Morya !

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Ganpati Bappa Morya ! May the lord bring you lots of joy in the new year ! 🙂

Experimenting with Aperture priority on Canon SX120 IS. This one turned out to be one of the better ones. I am still to get a handle of the Aperture Priority. It will be also interesting how it will effected when I tweak the other settings along with the Aperture Priority.