Congress’s fumbling, BJP’s determination


I find the situation in Manipur and (especially) Goa comical. Even though the BJP is not the single largest party, it is set to form the govt. in both states.

Personally, I felt the BJP lost the people’s mandate in Goa and perhaps should have refrained from forming the govt. for moral reasons. Their sitting chief minister and six cabinet ministers lost elections. With 17 members, the Congress party should have moved forward with govt. formation.

However, the fumblings of the Congress party is what making the situation comical. With six former chief ministers fighting amongst themselves, they could not agree on who should be the party’s legislative leader. While the Congress party fought, the BJP moved swiftly to get the necessary support from the other parties and independents. You could clearly see BJP’s hunger, determination, and strategic brilliance when they dispatched a leader from UP with ties to the wrestling federation to win over an independent MLA in Goa who was also, wait for it, a fellow member of the wrestling federation!

Just for these reasons, I don’t mind the BJP’s moves. While morally questionable, politically it seems to be a prudent move. The situation also demonstrates how bereft the Congress has become of good, strong leadership. They (and a section of the English media) have no business of blaming the BJP of poor sportsmanship.


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