Truth or Mythology ?

Over the time truth becomes fact, fact is rewritten as history, history fades to legend,and legend remains a myth

We often hear stories from our past which sound mythical. Did they become mythical because of long passage of time ? The quote, from the book “Prince of Ayodhya” — book one of the Ramayana, got me thinking. Here’s another one to chew over.

Over time even tales will fade from memory, … , they will be mere race–memories, dismissed as mythology  or fantasy by those who believe themselves to be rational and scientific. Yes, to us who live here and now, these are scientific and rational tales. For they obey scientific rules of our world without exception. All you need is proper knowledge of our science.


5 thoughts on “Truth or Mythology ?

  1. I guess another way to look at it is, as time passes, the various additions to the story builds up a myth. If you take away all the incredulous sounding things from the Ramayana, it could very well be the true story of a young, intelligent, brave & righteous prince who unwillingly went into battle with an equally intelligent & brave king, who was drunken with pride that became his own downfall.

    • Not all yes. Some of them might have been created from facts (or some modified version of it). The passage of time has made it difficult to judge fact v/s fiction. Something that is unbelievable in today’s age, may have been a fact during its own time.

  2. I have always believed that whatever we take as mythology and unreal right now, must have definitely been a product of people’s innate mentality of grandiose-ing facts. Mahabharata and Ramayana could easily be true stories, with a lot of glamour added to it.

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