Bing and Decide and Get Free Coffee or a Amazon gift card

Credit card companies pretty much offer the same basic service. One way in which various credit card providers (banks, financial institutions) compete with each other is via rewards – cash-backs, reward points etc. Given an option between two very similar credit cards, ‘A’ and ‘B’, people are likely to choose ‘B’ say if ‘B’ offered 5% cash-back instead of the 1% cash-back offered by ‘A’. Fair game you would say. Correct ?

Now think of search engines. The two most prominent search engines in the US market, Bing and Google, pretty much provide nearly the same results. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, claims that 70% of the times users will have equally relevant results on both Bing and Google, 15% of the times Bing will be better and 15% of the times Google will be better. Going by my personal experience I would tend to agree with this statement.

Now how does Bing, being the new player on the block, get more users ? One way Bing does this is via Bing Rewards. Users on Bing, can sign up and earn points on Bing, which later on can be used to redeem things like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards or even donate to various charitable organizations. My friends often joke that Bing needs to use ‘tricks’ like ‘rewards’ to lure users to use their service. Its not because of their ‘poor service’ as some would claim, but because it is almost at even par with its competitor. As it is with credit card providers, I think its fair for Bing to use reward points to get more users in an era where ‘google’ is used a verb.

So, give Bing a spin and earn a Amazon gift card while you do so. You can also use my referral if you wish to :

(Full Disclosure: I was summer intern (summer 2011) with Microsoft Bing. The views expressed in this post are solely mine, and none of my current or previous employers subscribe to these views)


2 thoughts on “Bing and Decide and Get Free Coffee or a Amazon gift card

  1. Accumulate points meaning have a personalized login and wilfuly allow the search provider to know that X is searching for Y. This opens the untrained mind to feel that their webactivity is being monitored and will be used against them – In a court of law or an advertisment to the least.

    The whole idea of a personalized web search result scares me, personally. I do not want my schoice of reference in site A for search term B to be taken as preference for search term B2 when i am looking for site Z.

    • Personalized search (provided by both : Bing and Google) has its pros and cons. In many cases I found it useful :). I believe both Bing and Google allow you to switch off personalized search. As far as I know, accumlating points is independent of personalized search. Some other day, maybe I’ll do a post on personalized search as well ! Search is an interesting problem and far from solved !

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