Social Activists, why do you hate Modi, the administrator ?

I am not going write about Gujarat’s development here. It is a well known fact that Gujarat and Bihar are the two states, making rapid strides in terms of development and good administration. Rest of the country seems to be caught up into political corruptions and scams. Yet it seems to be a cardinal sin to praise the developmental and administrative efforts of Narendra Modi , the chief minister of Gujarat. Anna Hazare, Deoband VC Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi and others have faced the ire of social activists for praising the administration of Narendra Modi. If something is good, then what’s the harm in praising it ? People are not praising Modi’s role in the 2002 roits, rather they are praising the development and progress he bought about in the state in the past nine years. While Modi’s past remains questionable,  how long that one event should be used to judge Modi ? Shouldn’t his more recent past and the present be a judging factor ?

But say what you want to, these so called “social secular activists” love to spew venom about Modi. They seem can’t get over 2002. It seems as if they want to keep Modi confined to Gujarat. Its time that these activists start differentiating between Modi the administrator that has been around post riots from Modi, the chief minister during the riots.


3 thoughts on “Social Activists, why do you hate Modi, the administrator ?

  1. Most of these “secular social activists” have connections to certain “secular political parties”. That explains most of the anti-Modi rhetoric

  2. Interesting it came to your attention. I was wondering about this polarized opinion for a long time as well.

    The ones who criticize his (alleged) role in the riots have nothing to say about the (Wikileaks admired) administration.

    Personally, can we appreciate one good quality of a person if we dislike his other trait? Not really. Hate is therefore a stronger emotion… more so when it comes to voicing it.

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