Unsung Heroes

Stone Cold Steve Austin, arguably the greatest wrestling superstar, revolutionized the wrestling industry in the mid nineties. People would tune into Monday Night RAW every week just to see what Steve Austin was going to do. His “feud” with Vince McMahon remains one of the most popular “events” in the wrestling history. While we must give due credit to Austin for putting up amazing performance and entertaining us all these years, we often forget an important set of people who have played a vital role in the wrestling industry.

Most of us know that the wrestling is an entertainment show. While the wrestling and injuries are real, the story lines are scripted. WWE and all other wrestling companies have script writers, who write the story that plays out on the screen between the various wrestlers. We always appreciate how good the wrestling was, how good the performance was, but we never really appreciate the people and the brain behind all this. They are the unsung heroes who never get the credit that they deserve. Without them there wouldn’t have been the Austin – McMahon feud, the Austin – Rock rivalry,  the character of the Undertaker and his awesome Wrestlemania run, the great and classic matches we have seen over the years.

This holiday season, lets stand up and applaud these guys, with whom there wouldn’t have been a successful WWE – the writers – the unsung heroes !


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