Tendulkar’s 14000

Sachin Tendulkar achieved yet another milestone when he completed 14,000 runs in test cricket. The live commentary on Cricinfo pretty much sums it up !

26.4 – Hauritz to Tendulkar, FOUR, 51.5 mph, Drum rolls…! The crowd have gone mad in joy. Tendulkar backs away to play a crunchy cut shot through cover point. The team-mates stand up in the pavilion. Ricky Ponting applauds him. Tendulkar raises his bat in the air. The crowd keep cheering him on. A nice moment for this little big man. 14,000 Test runs. He stands alone in that zone. Gavakar is on air and he can’t hide his joy. I remember SMG’s 10,000th run. he had got it with a lovely late cut and he took his floppy hat off when he set for that run. Nostalgia. Back to the present moment- Tendulkar has brought his special landmark with a cut shot


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