Thalaivar !!!

I had heard and read a lot about the atmosphere one gets to experience when watching a Rajnikanth movie in a theater. I was fortunate enough to experience it when I watched “Enthiran:The Robot” with die hard Rajnikanth fans in a movie theater in Virginia !

The journey started as follows –

  • We drove 50 miles to watch this movie.
  • The ticket prices were twice the amount you would pay for an English movie in the US. In some other states its four to five times the regular price.
  • People started queuing for the 7.00 pm show from around 5.15 pm.
  • A few ladies distributed chocolates amongst the waiting people because it was Rajnikanth’s movie.
  • Around 6.15 / 6.30 pm, chants and shouts of “Thalaivar“, “Superstar Rajnikanth” and some others in Tamil (which I could not make out) started in the queue !
  • When the gates opened at 6.50, people ran into the theater, giving no time for the staff to collect the half stub of the tickets they are supposed to !

This was just the trailer. Once inside, the main show started ! 🙂

  • People were standing and shouting and whistling in anticipation of the movie to start.
  • Once the first credits of the movie appeared, suddenly around 10 – 15 people ran towards the screen shouting “Thalaivaaaa” …. “Thalaivaaaa” !!!
  • They repeated this act when Superstar Rajnikanth’s name appeared on the screen. (Notice how i have been using “superstar” before Rajnikanth’s name; all media sources use “superstar” before his name).  This time they threw shreds of paper to welcome “Thalaivaaaa“.
  • And I just cannot describe the whistles and chants when the superstar himself appears on the screen !

Some other observations from the movie –

  • Barring two scenes, superstar Rajnikanth appeared in all the scenes in the movie !
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was stunning in this movie ! For a change, the actress of the movie wasn’t overshadowed by Rajnikanth.
  • Though there aren’t many punch dialogs in the movie, everything else that you would expect from a Rajnikanth movie is there in it.
  • He is so popular that his acting and dialogs in a negative portrayal of his character was also cheered by the people.

It was one of the most amazing atmosphere in which I watched this movie. Never had I experienced anything like this; nor will I experience something like this in a movie theater again (unless its Rajnikanth movie :D).

This small writeup can never capture the atmosphere that there in that place. You have to be there to feel it ! Thanks to my friends and die hard Rajnikanth fans from UMBC for this great and memorable experience ! If you ask me, you should do this once – watch a Rajnikanth movie with die hard Rajnikanth fans in the first week in a movie theater. You will remember that experience for a long time !

The sounds of “Thalaivaaaa …. Thalaivaaaa …. Thalaivaaaa” and the atmosphere is still buzzing in my head !


5 thoughts on “Thalaivar !!!

  1. Hahaha, I also experienced the same thing, although not to the extent you felt – in Toronto, after my US visit last year! 😀

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