It has been a time of transition and things have been changing around me;  my transition from the Masters program to the PhD program, my friends moving out to various locations as their jobs started, transition from the summer to fall (which will soon lead us into the winter), a new room mate to name a few. One particular transition (be it a small one) that I am particularly pleased about is the transition I am making from Kawan chapati to home made chapatis ! 😀 For those who don’t know, Kawan chapatis are frozen chapatis widely available in most Indian stores around the area I live. You have to just take the chapati from the freezer and pan fry it.  Turns out these chapatis are very oily and neither are they tasty. So after having them for almost two years, I was tired and bored of the Kawan chapatis.

With encouragement from some of my friends, I finally decided to make a transition to home made chapatis 🙂 ! I asked a friend who was in India for the summer holidays to get a dough maker for me. That took care of concern # 1 – how to make the dough for making the chapatis. With the dough maker, the job of mixing the wheat flour with water (and a little bit of salt and oil) has become relatively simple. Once the is dough done, comes the part of making the chapatis ! Using the roller, you need to roll a piece of the dough into a nice circular shape. Thats where I am still learning 😀 ! From near circle to the state of punjab to a square to some random shape, I have rolled the chapati in all shapes and sizes 😛 ! Nonetheless, at this point of time I am not bothered about the shape. I am enjoying and relishing the home made chapatis I make myself 🙂


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