A special thank you to …

Post Master’s thesis defense, I decided to write up a different kind of acknowledgement. Inspired by Chaitali’s blog a few years ago, this one acknowledges all those, who we should be thanking too, but we forget about them!

First off a big thanks to my laptop (a Dell Inspiron 1525) and the Dell desktop box I use in my lab for being my constant companions, all through reading of papers, writing the code developed to test my approaches, writing my thesis, making presentations etc. Both Windows 7 & Linux Mint 7 served me well ! Thanks to Microsoft Word and Latex, during the writing part of my thesis and a couple of papers that I have worked on so far. Thanks to the Ebiquity lab printer, printing out countless reference papers and thesis while I proof read it.

Microsoft PowerPoint was awesome. Without it, making good presentations would have been difficult. It helped me win the best presentation award at the UMBC Graduate Research Conference 2010 and prepare a good presentation for the defense as well! Be it snow, rain or heat, my car, the Mazda Protege (a car with the Semantic Web connection 😛 ) was my constant companion. The car was a big help, when I wanted to stay late in to the night in my lab. Mr. Capresso in the Ebiquity Lab, churned out countless cups of coffee to keep me awake !

Last but not the least, Life would have been difficult if it wasn’t for Mr. Google and Mr. Bing ! Thanks a lot ! And yea apologies to all other softwares, systems that I did not name here due to lack of space ! 😀

PS: I did a lot of practice talks of my presentations and my defense in the basement of my house ! Thanks to the basement as well for listening to the same talk again and again ! 😛


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