… And the Loser is …

The Common Man ! Yes, the loser in the latest (and never ending) controversy of “Mumbai konachya baapachi” (whom does Mumbai or Bombay or whatever you want to call it belongs to) is you, me and everyone else who loves and lives in the city.  I don’t want to take sides; neither am I supporting any one here. Just think about the parties involved in this whole situation and what they gained or lost.

Let us look at the winners first  –

Rahul Gandhi – The young heir of the Congress party comes to Mumbai and takes on the tiger in his own den successfully. He gained a lot of political mileage and this will definitely help him build up his stature in the Congress party and in the country further.

Shahrukh Khan and his movie – After the controversy, I know people who have said that they will watch the movie “My Name is Khan” just because they want to support Mr.Khan or oppose the other party. Even Rajdeep Sardesai (editor in chief of CNN-IBN) tweeted saying that people should watch the movie for this very reason ! If the movie hits the screen successfully, good for Mr.Khan and the movie; whether it is good or not people are going to watch it any ways ! (PS – I will probably watch the movie because it has got decent to good reviews and I liked the music of the movie)

The Media – The media as always played the judge and the jury ! Trial by media has its own advantages and disadvantages.  With so much to talk about and an audience to sell it to, I wonder whether the ad rates were higher than usual when the controversy was at its peak …

The Shiv Sena – If we look at the last two elections, the Lok Sabha and then following Vidhan Sabha elections, the only issue MNS had was the “marathi manoos” issue. For a party that is just three years old, boy did they do well ! They polled over a hundred thousand votes in each of the 4 seats they contested in Mumbai. In the assembly elections they went on to win 10 seats on the issue of “marathi manoos” ! Going by this logic, the Shiv Sena may attract voters back towards them. It will be interesting to see how the voting takes place in the BMC elections that will take place next year.

The Losers –

The Congress – NCP govt. in Maharashtra – The release of the movie “My Name is Khan” is pretty uncertain as I write this. The state govt.  has been incompetent in this matter as well.

And the biggest loser I feel are We – Nothing has changed in Mumbai. And this controversy is not going to change anything either. A few weeks later everyone will forget about it. Life in Mumbai will continue as usual. The issue of “marathi manoos v/s outsiders” has been there for ages ! Has anything changed or affected in Mumbai any way ? In my opinion, it hasn’t .

I come to the issue of how we choose our candidates and what issues do we vote on (I had blogged about this earlier). I still believe, it because we as voters give significance to such non issues (such as religionalism, caste, langaue etc) , that the political parties get the courage to go out and carry out all these fiascos. I am certain, the day we stop voting on such non issues and start voting on real issues, these fiascos will automatically start dying down.

Once again I reiterate that I am not supporting any one on this issue. I just wish that we have smart and educated voters, who choose good candidates to serve us.


3 thoughts on “… And the Loser is …

  1. Multiplexes are being guarded by police forces for the movie screening. So who’s guarding the city?
    ‘we’ are at a loss again!

  2. I tell you..there are no good candidates to vote for. The best people can do is to see that non-corrupt officials are atleast taking control.
    But again, I dont think NRIs should have a say in this.

  3. Yes I would agree with you Rahul, that there are lack of good candidates to vote for … No wonder there was a demand few years ago for a option to vote for “None of the above ” !

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