How do we choose a candidate ?

The thought of writing about this came to my mind during a discussion on Raj Thackeray, I had on Facebook with a friend. So how do we vote ? How do we choose the candidate for whom we cast our vote ? I think most of us do us in a way wrong way. When we vote we consider (non) issues such as caste or language or from which region he is or even to which political party he belongs to instead of focusing on issues such as “roti, kapda, makan, bilji, paani, sadak” etc (i.e. food, housing, electricity, water, roads etc). And it because we “support” these non issues, politicians get a chance to make merry.

Take Raj Thackeray’s case – people says he is arrogant, violent, he beats up people on the street and no one does anything. All we do is crib about it amongst ourselves, in online forums and so on.  Why does this happen ? Its because of us. Since there are people who support his divisive politics, he does all of this and even gets away with it. I think if people would stop supporting his divisive politics, this will definitely die down.

So when we need to question the candidate, what he has done, what he plans to do if elected, read his manifesto and choose a right candidate we end not doing that. I wonder how many of us even read the candidate’s manifesto ? And how many us do what is shown in the video ?

I guess most of the things that happen because of “politicians”, we have brought upon ourselves, because of the issues we support while we vote and the way we choose our candidates.


2 thoughts on “How do we choose a candidate ?

  1. Nice thoughts buddy.
    But “issues” can also be one’s perspective. In my case, I would vote always vote for either the MNS or Shiv Sena, because I find the issues that they raise to be directly linked to “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” (about its quantity for some unfortunate others, and about its quality, for me). I could be wrong, but its my perspective. The “arrogance”, “violence” that others complain about is something I find necessary today, and much better than the shameless two-faced nature of other parties.
    And talking of candidates, I would certainly like to hear some of my fellow “educated” voters in my constituency to discuss and compare the qualifications of Mr. Shirish Parkar(MNS) and Sanjay Nirupam(Congress).
    Of course, you in your article have never showed support towards any party, but usually some “intellectuals” like to throw up names of parties who they think are the only sane option just because they existed before India’s independence.

  2. Its very true that we should blame ourselves for the mess. But I believe theres another reason why. Its because you, me and all of us believe that people like us should stay away from politics and that it is not our responsibility. Its because of people like us who want to live outside our own country just because they can lead a comfortable life. Its because of people like us who want to have a high paying job with a car and a bungalow and sit in the living room watching politics on TV and discuss what a mess they have made.
    So in a way we are completely responsible for the state of politics.

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