When power goes out …

There is lot of dependence on electricity in the US and I got a small preview of it today morning. When I reached office, I saw darkness in the usually well lit building and I realized there was no power which meant the lifts were not working and the access cards to the office won’t work either (fortunately the door was open). The office in itself was dark in most places where there were no windows. Most windows were closed (and could not be opened) which meant that it started to get very warm inside the office. I decided to have my usual morning coffee and could not do that too since the coffee machine won’t work as that too was powered by electricity. I could not grab a can of soda either; the soda vending machine too was powered by electricity. Water was also out of bounds, the water purifier was electricity powered! So when power is out, you can’t do much here other than grabbing a nice book and reading it peacefully 🙂


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