An encounter with God ?

Things were not going great for Kapil these days. He just missed his connecting train back to Mumbai and the next train was 7 hours later. His faith had shaken and he had a lot of negativity filled in his mind. Why it is only me that has to go through all the bad times, I want to meet God and question him was the thought in his mind for a few days now.

Sulking over his not so good time, while he was waiting for the next train, he heard a voice “Is someone sitting here?” . “No, you can take the seat”, Kapil replied back at the young man who seemed to be in his mid twenties, tired yet cheerful. Few minutes later, the man started off to strike a conversation with Kapil. The talk was regular – where are you from, what do you do, where are going now and all that stuff. Kapil didn’t mind the conversation either – rather than sulking over his bad time, he was feeling better having this conversation.

Suddenly the man pops up a question – “Do you believe in God?” Kapil was taken aback by this question. With his bad days on, his faith was shaken. Kapil tentatively replied “Yes I do. ” “How strongly do you believe in God?” , the man countered. “Quite Strongly “ , Kapil replied. “Good. It is important for your faith not be shaken when you are going through bad times” , the man said. The man carried on, talking about a Reader Digest’s article on Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great Indian mathematician, who even though he could not clear elementary school exams, went on to become one of the greatest Mathematicians and how his self belief and faith had helped him to do well, when he was in UK all alone.

Abruptly in the middle of the conversation, the man suddenly looked at his watch and said that he has a train to catch. Wishing Kapil all the good luck and success, the man went off. Kapil pondered over the conversation he had with the man and was already beginning to feel positive and good. He wanted to thank the man for the positive talk and went looking for the man. But to Kapil’s surprise, he could not find the man and there was no such train as mentioned by the man, leaving the station at that time. Kapil pondered for long… Who was the man …. Was it an encounter with the god himself?


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