Childhood dreams

There were a lot of things that I always wanted to do as a kid, some small and some big. They included playing tennis, wathcing a WWE event live, A F-1 event live, driving a F-1 car to name a few. When I decided to pursue my Masters in the US, I knew I will get to do some of those things. The past nine months have provided an opportunity to do the same 🙂 Last week I finally got to play tennis. Playing tennis was indeeed fun as expected. The serves rolled out, the returns were decent, though me and Kunal ended up loosing the match 1-6, 1-6, the experience was good. With regular tennis practice, a victory should be around the corner 😀

Things I wanted to do as a kid:
1.Play Tennis
2.Watch a WWE event live
3.Watch a F-1 event live
4.Drive a F-1 car
5. …
6. …
… … …

So thats one thing off my list of things I wanted to do as kid.


One thought on “Childhood dreams

  1. Varish i am proud of the fact that u have the spirit to chase ur dreams and u r sucessful in achieving many from the list!!!! All the very best dear

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