Repairing Windows XP does not overwrite MBR

Last week for some unknown reason my Windows XP started crashing with a Memory Dump crash error. Even system restore did not solve the problem. So the next solution was to repair my Windows XP. All this is fine, no complications at all … if you had Windows XP as the only Operating System on your system. Now I have dual boot system with Windows XP and Ubuntu. I was concerned that when I repair my Windows XP, it will overwrite the master boot record (mbr) and I will loose my Grub. So i googled up and found a way to restore my grub if the mbr was overwritten. My repair went of successfully and the Windows XP problem was fixed. However to my pleasant surprise, the mbr was not overwritten with a new one and I did not loose the grub ! It seems that when Windows XP runs a repair process it does not touch the mbr.


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